Shamridhi Vikash Sales Cooperative (formely SVSC) is established under Government rules and its Head Office is at Mohali,(Punjab).

SVSC is a highly potential, transparent, small invesment, fully cash back and free gift with bonus plan, that "goal in only two steps ahead".

The company main motive is not to create group only but impowers and upgrade the status of middle class too have good for which they can't afford.ate grou

SVSC have not the moto to selling the product of reputed companies in less or reduced price but it is ony the Business Plan. Products are only given on SVSC chain completion. SVSC chain completion plan is nothing but only subject matter of solicitation.

  • Anybody male/female may join SVSC with sound knowledge and above 18 years old

  • Any person may join SVSC PLAN one or more time with same or another given products group of Gift selection,

  • There is no agent or employee in SVSC. All members are seller or co-seller based on 'Sabka Sath Sabka Vikash'.

  • A sponser introduce only those seller/ co seller who also like or choose among the same group of Gift as given in Product group list A

  • The grade of sponser:---> Seller ---> Co-Seller is upgraded gradually as

    • Co-seller got pin ---> sponser

    • sponser Introduces 4 ---> new seller with PIN Nos.

    • Every 4 -new sellers introduces ---> 4 new co-sellers with PIN Nos.

  • No one member be threatened or suppressed to join SVSC and same products of Gift group selection,.

  • Without completion of their chain” there is no gift claim.

How to get your pin ?

After selection of group of 'Gift Item', It is mandatory for every member to register through Form 'B' and get your PIN number by a co-operaton money through sponser having unique SVSC PIN of same '' selected Gift group once".

On registration and getting PIN as a co-seller you become sponser for your chain.

It is restricted and your responsibility to share your SVSC PIN and Password to others..

How to Complete your chain-- PLAN ?

The sponser have to introduce 4 seller with PIN and your all 4 sellers have to introduces 4 new co-sellers each with PIN (all having their own passwords) Your chain is complete.

This chain is also forwarded and got each PIN holder seperately selected gift on their chain completion .

Your co-operation distribution

The co-operation Money of all co-sellers distributed as follows:

Co-operation Money---> sponser- --> seller ---> company

Claim of your Gift

In completion of your chain you have to send a detail report of your chain by filling the given Form C . After detail reporting and its verification, you messaged and receive your gift from selected nearest SVSC branch store – Ranchi / Hazaribagh / Tata / Dhanbad / Bokaro.

Non-Active PIN Holder

  • If any co-seller/Sponser not active and he/she want to transfer their PIN to another person, He/She have to be charged of Rs 500 and re-issued PIN to the new given person as a new co-seller/sponser on requesting of his/her co-seller / sponser.

  • If any co-seller / sponser do not want to act in SVSC PLAN and he/she have submited their PIN to the SVSC by FORM D, only consolation money would be refunded and his/her PIN will be locked. The company is not responsible for any loss and never be claimed for their gift .

  • A PIN is active for only 3 months/ 90 days from the date of issue. After 90 days within a week he/she has to pay Rs 300 to extend for next 90 days PIN validity.

  • On failing of PIN validity, only consolation money would be refunded to PIN holder in their given Bank A/C.